What Everyone Is Saying About Us

If you're looking for a place for a perfect garden event, you've found it. Our location is a favorite for brides, retirees, and Mother's Day tea parties. 

When I get to heaven, this is what I imagine it looks like. 

- Sue McLain

KCNR Morning News

Promises Kept is a magical wonderland.

- Beth Grobstein

This, to me, is paradise.

 - Twila Self


This garden is a step into heaven.

- Alisha Lewis

This place is the perfect size for your favorite kind of party. 

 - Ley Esses


This venue is a beautiful garden retreat - simply magnificent!

 - Jeralyn Thumbley

Such a peaceful setting.

 - Deirdre Henny

It's a storybook come to life.

- Cindy Rick

A delight to behold, heavenly, spend some time here.

 - Ginny Chesnut

Spectacular scenery in a beautifully landscaped setting... feels like stepping into a dream.

 - Greg Lewis

The perfectly manicured hedges and lawn, and the enchanting gazebo and swing remind me of a 19th century Victorian garden from PBS movies.

- Milly Jeske